Plans for 2016     Mona will be bred ,pups to new homes
aprox. June and Kolle will be bred pups to homes aprox
August 2016

Doves & Pigeons
Sadie  &
Colby's                     2009
GERMAN SHORTHAIRED                
The German Shorthaired Pointer is the result of breeding many dogs into
one.They are a multi-purpose ,intelligent, good natured, and always
ready for exercise.However, we recommend researching the breed to be
certain they will fit into your lifestyle. Although they were originally bred
for their hunting ability (great nose,agile,eager), they also make excellent
family pets.They require a great deal of exercise and make a wonderful
jogging companion.They require ample room to run and act on their
hunting instincts.You may find them pointing at a sparrow or even the
family cat.                   

At Rhineland Acres Farm we have selected extremely gentle dogs; they
are awesome with children, are intelligent, and loving.The first
requirement for us was to have a pet that was a match for our  
lifestyle.We are a family of hunters so endurance and scenting ability is a
must. They also need to blend well with our farm life and interact well with
our children. They have the ability to be a "couch potato" in the house,
respect the livestock, and bring in the game when on the hunt.

When we decide to offer a litter ,we breed for all of the above mentioned
atributes.We carefully match the sire and dam to get the best quality
puppies possible.This includes confirmation, intelligence, color and
markings.Our puppies are health guaranteed with their dews and tails
docked,first shots, and veterinarian checked.We strive for the quality
companion you deserve.Info Also available by text 508-889-8548
Email :                                                                                               
Rhineland Acres Farm
Bill, some pics of
gypsea quail hunting on
the cape, love her great
bird dog. many many
compliments on her.  kev
she did darken a lot , she stops other hunters
in there tracks to say how great her color is.
she does retrieve and will drop at hand, it's as
if someone flipped a switch two weeks in to
the season. were having a blast with her and
will recommend you as a breeder when new
pups are ready, keep in touch and thanks
again for a wonderful dog. kev.
Sadie was bred to Colby
and Halle is their
daughter; she was born in
April of 2009. As you
can see she is a beautiful
girl! The pups at 6
months old were already
producing game on the
hunt.They are quick to
learn, great looking ,and
lovable companions.
Below are some emails we
received on Sadie's last litter 2009

Kodah sure is giving us a workout!! We are outside with him constantly and he has been going to
dog daycare to release all that energy! He is very intelligent and he learns tricks very quickly--- he
keeps us on our toes.  He loves people and other dogs, he is very social. We absolutely love
him--great dog! We will keep you updated!
               recd     from Noah
Mako is from
Gypsea is
from Sadies
2009 litter
just a day at the pool
what-cant I relax
Now thats a drum stick
Dharmas litter2011
Auntie Sadie at
lets get her
guys shes
Paul           Bill           Sean         Tom
Hi Bill and family, we hope all of you are doing
well.  We have taken Scoutt out a few times this
year pheasant hunting on the leash and she has
done amazing.  Scoutt has pointed and retreived
already and we got two birds with her last
weekend, we couldn't believe it.  Here are some
photos of Scoutt in the woods.   We are so
shocked that she isn't even 6 months old and is
already hunting exceptionally well.

Thank you and happy holidays,   Jack and family
Scoutt  is  from
Dharmas 2011 litter
Dharma & Hogan's 2011 litter
Hi Bill, Just thought I would pass along some
pictures. first one is riley hanging out in the sun,
second is riley vs mako shark, the third one I am
especially proud of is rileys first pheasant. He is
up to about 55lbs now and still has some to go.
He is doing great and we couldn't ask for a better
dog. pictures, Riley is doing great , Matt and
Traci Olson
Roxy looks
great and is
Talk to you
soon.  George
I am thinking of looking into Hunting Testing in the
Spring. She has more of the hunting instinct than either
of my other two GSHPs.

And if I wasn't working fulltime, I would consider
breeding her.  She gets more compliments!!!!

Well, that's about all in the life of one of your puppies.  
She is a treasue!!

Best Wishes for 2012.....  Do you think I need a
playmate for her?

Tedi Eaton
MacKenzie is from
Dharmas 2011 litter
Roxy is from
Dharmas 2011 litter
Halle & Kodiak  2012
Halle 2012 litter
Dharma & Kodiak 2012 litter
Halle & Kodiak
2013 litter
Reese & Warrior
2014 litter